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Since 1962   is in the van of production of metal plugs and level indicators with a wide range of applications in different fields of mechanics and oildynamics.


Born from Giancarlo Losiís will, it has developed thanks to the skill of guessing the needs and problems of the new, in an important and in

continuous development field such as mechanical industry.

directly addresses builders of tool machines, compressors, reducers, motor reducers, lubrication systems, building machines, road machines, soil movement and agricultural machines, machines for plate- working

and all the other kinds of machines for industry.

The seat of Cura Carpignano, very next to Pavia, gathers the following departments: Management, Sales, Production and very important, Research and Development.

Besides a wide range of standard articles, there is the

availability of productions studied on purpose for particular needs of the customer.

perfected a system of production which lets products face in a practical and excellent way the market of distribution on sale points of technical articles.